IT Asset Management and Trusted Data - The Duo That Brings the Spice!

Just as a Michelin-starred menu depends on exquisite ingredients, the readiness of your IT Asset Management (ITAM) process depends on exceptional data quality. But is your data up to par? Many IT teams fear that their data might be the Achilles' heel of their ITAM efforts. Let's delve into how trustworthy data can unlock opportunities for decision-makers.

Top-notch data is the cornerstone of successful IT Asset Management. It's crucial to establish a robust method for collecting governance data across diverse IT assets. But do you have all the necessary asset data? Is it current and standardized?

Understanding the provenance and lineage of your data is key. However, assessing data quality goes beyond mere metrics; it's an ongoing process. Neglecting this could render your asset data library as useful as a puff of smoke.

Craft your data quality strategy first

IT leaders require tools that can handle the spectrum of IT assets, from on-premises to SaaS, cloud, and physical devices. This hybrid IT environment necessitates a comprehensive strategy for data governance. Collect only the data essential to address stakeholders' questions. Complexity introduces risks, so focus on gathering the minimum data necessary to maintain a complete picture of your environment.

Turn data into knowledge


ISO 19770 outlines a framework for acquiring and maintaining trustworthy data, transitioning from raw data to actionable insights. Begin with raw data gathered from various sources. This data lacks context and structure, but processing it yields accurate and accessible information. Structuring this information leads to knowledge—an understanding of the IT estate relevant to various stakeholders.

Leverage SAM Tools for trustworthy data


Modern IT landscapes demand flexible tools capable of managing diverse environments. Software Asset Management (SAM) managers juggle multiple data feeds and must assess and normalize them. Normalization ensures data consistency and accuracy, crucial for informed decision-making. Look for SAM solutions with built-in normalization capabilities, like USU Software Asset Management, to streamline this process.

Conclusion: Trustworthy data is non-negotiable

Inaccurate or incomplete data leads to poor decisions and increased risk. Consider the Equifax breach: A data leak in the network caused the company to lose over 150 million customer data in less than three months - the damage amounted to more than 425 million US dollars. Investing in reliable data management not only mitigates risks but also enables better governance.

If you can’t manage what you can’t see, you certainly can’t govern it. IT Asset Managers play a crucial role in driving a data strategy forward, making a SAM solution with high-quality data a must-have for ITAM success.


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