The ITSM starter package: Interview with Consulting Director Timo Weber

In an interview with Timo Weber, Director Consulting for IT and Enterprise Service Management, we clarify the question of why saving money in the area of IT digitization is not the right strategy. He also introduces USU's new ITSM starter package and explains how to successfully implement an ITSM tool.


Why is IT performance particularly important right now?


Timo Weber: In order to realize their own potential, companies need to recognize the strategic importance of digitization and see IT investments as future-oriented investments. Promoting efficiency and cost reduction through digital solutions such as IT service management is a key lever in this regard. Even in times of financial uncertainty, for example due to the current economic situation, it is extremely important not to neglect innovative solutions in order to open up new business areas and secure your own future viability. Digitization is therefore not an optional luxury, but an essential strategy for remaining competitive in a constantly changing world.

Are there certain stumbling blocks in ITSM tool implementation that you encounter time and again?

Timo Weber : ITSM projects are often viewed purely as software installation projects. Neglecting the organizational change that goes hand in hand with ITSM implementation quickly becomes a stumbling block for many companies. In fact, an ITSM project is about much more: it involves the introduction of new processes and procedures that require the comprehensive involvement of internal employees.

It is particularly important not to leave the service desk users, agents and change managers out in the cold. They need to be fully informed about what their work with the new tool will look like. It's not just about training IT service management, but rather the processes associated with using the tool. In our experience, pure tool training is not effective, as understanding and working efficiently with the tool is closely linked to the process. An ITSM tool is comparable to an SAP in the IT organization: It is not an intuitive system, but a complex tool that requires in-depth knowledge of the underlying processes.


As a long-standing consultant, you know many companies "from the inside" and have experienced many strategies and project processes. Does an ITSM project always have to be a marathon task?

Timo Weber: In my experience, the complexity of ITSM projects is largely due to the fact that issues can rarely be tackled in isolation from one another. It is important to understand the overarching relationships and to be able to form a comprehensive picture.

In my opinion, the challenge lies in dividing the complex overall task into manageable sections. In doing so, it can be helpful to occasionally accept certain incompleteness or to recognize the Pareto principle. This states that 80% of the results can be achieved with 20% of the total effort. If certain aspects have been overlooked or are needed differently than initially assumed, we can adapt this together with the customer using iterative or agile methods in later stages. Opting for a step-by-step approach to ITSM implementation can be compared to a relay race rather than an all-out marathon.

Keyword: Is "complexity" a "must"?

Timo Weber : The complexity of an ITSM project is there, we can't reduce it or even take it away. But we can handle it properly. This is precisely why we offer the ITSM starter package as a standard for the initial start of the tool introduction.

By successively implementing individual modules, companies can quickly make significant progress and gain valuable experience for subsequent projects. The approach based on the motto "Think big, but start small" also provides planning security. It also promotes motivation and creates a sense of achievement. Small, manageable steps lead to quicker successes and thus maintain the motivation of those involved. This approach also increases the agility and flexibility of the project. The ability to react to changes and adjust goals accordingly is invaluable in the dynamic world of IT.


Ready in 5 weeks with the ITSM Starter Package

We offer an ITSM starter package for the implementation of your new ITSM tool so that your ITSM project does not become a lengthy marathon, but a plannable relay race.
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Is the ITSM starter pack an answer to the "need" on the market?

Timo Weber: The "ITSM starter package" is the solution for a quick and easy introduction to the implementation of an ITSM tool, given the complexity and scope of conventional projects. This ITSM starter package, metaphorically as the first race in a relay, aims to generate an immediate sense of achievement for our customers. The immediate creation of added value within the organization lays the foundation for future optimization and expansion. Experience has shown that using the starter package significantly reduces the initial pressure, allowing organizations to focus on making incremental improvements. We guarantee the effectiveness and smooth running of this approach through a precisely defined scope of functions, a clear time frame and the application of proven best practices.

Which companies are we targeting with the ITSM starter pack?

Timo Weber: The ITSM starter package is aimed in particular at small to medium-sized companies that realize that the key to success lies in gradual implementation. Through the combination of consulting and a clearly defined implementation period of 5 weeks, the starter package offers a comprehensive solution and a solid basis for future expansions and improvements. This basis, which includes both organizational and master data and provides for integration with common source systems, comprises an efficient incident and service request ticketing system. This offer is supplemented by targeted training measures and close project support from our team, which effectively support the implementation of the ITSM starter package in the respective company environment.

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The ITSM starter package transforms the supposed marathon task of ITSM tool implementation into a dynamic relay race. With this innovative approach, companies can move forward in manageable steps, skillfully overcoming challenges and seamlessly embarking on a path of continuous improvement.

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