USU listed as a leading provider in the SPARK Matrix

The analyst firm Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has identified, researched and analyzed 16 major enterprise service management (ESM) vendors in the market and ranked them in the SPARK Matrix: Enterprise Service Management, Q2, 2023 report.

Businesses today are reshaping the way they manage and deliver IT services. The companies are recognizing the value of service management beyond the realm of IT and thus expanding the functions of IT service management (ITSM) from managing just IT related tasks, issues, and processes such as back-office, ticketing, and service desk capabilities to other business functions such as HR, facility, finance, marketing and other. This expansion and broader adoption are possible via the increasing adoption of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions which is capable to manage both front and back-office tasks.

The analyst firm Quadrant Knowledge Solutions explores the potential of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions in 2023

The analyst firm Quadrant Knowledge Solutions defines “Enterprise Service Management (ESM) as a solution which automates, guides, improves, and prioritizes business processes and workflows through various service management practices. Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution utilizes service management practice, modules, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guidelines to expand its capabilities into other business functions beyond traditional IT infrastructure domain. Enterprise Service Management (ESM) enables business and IT leaders to expand this practice into multiple non-IT business functions such as HR, facility management, finance, corporate, marketing, legal, and customer experience initiatives to automate, digitalize, and improve organizational IT infrastructure and operations activities.”



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The Market for Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) market is fuelled due to the rise in demand of digitalization, collaboration, remote working, and enhancing employee & customer experience by integrating front and back-office tasks. Today’s Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions have expanded their scope to various other business areas and functions, which will allow organizations to realize the benefit of integrating employees’, customers’, and managers’ tasks and activities with ease. With this evolution various organizations and IT departments can work collaboratively to maintain broader business and IT activities along with automating and improving organizational processes.

USU Enterprise Service Management (ESM) rated as one of the leading tools

USU one of the prominent vendors in this space offers Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions through USU Enterprise Service Management 5.3. USU Enterprise Service Management (ESM) consists of modular and integrated suite of product which is available as both on-prem and SaaS. USU offers a diverse set of functionalities for HR, facility management, corporate service, GDPR, financial and marketing services along with knowledge features to gather information through AI based intelligent search and offer chatbot for any external search. The feature also consists of no-code/low-code based platform with common UI for a wide range of business apps. It also offers a pre-configured self-service portal or chatbots with a multi-bot architecture which consists of lead bots and underlying expert bots for specific use cases.

USU is focusing to extend use of the platform by enhancing benefit from integrated solutions and from shared services, cloud-readiness with containerization and Kubernetes support. It also creates integration for customer who are focusing on SaaS. The company continues to focus on financial and public sector. USU is capable of catering to the diverse customer needs across industry verticals, with its comprehensive capabilities, compelling customer references, comprehensive roadmap & vision, and product suite with high scalability and have received strong ratings across technology excellence and customer impact and has been positioned as a leader in the SPARK Matrix: Enterprise Service Management, Q2, 2023.

The SPARK Matrix from analyst firm Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has evaluated the vendors on various parameters of technology excellence and customer impact scale. These parameters include some of the major focus areas and use cases that the vendors provide, such as service management and configuration & customization. The parameters also include AI, analytics and workflow automation support. It also has a broad range of functions such as employee experience, customer experience, monitoring & reporting. Another factor includes change management, asset management, omnichannel support, knowledge management is also taken into consideration while evaluating the vendors

Graphic: SPARK Matrix Enterprise Service Management Q2, 2023:

Quadrant Solutions ITSM Matrix 2023

Some of the key findings form SPARK Matrix: Enterprise Service Management, Q2, 2023 report are:

  • As businesses are moving towards cloud platform, buyers are expecting Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions that can easily integrate with other systems and applications. The buyers are expecting and looking forward to invest in vendors’ capabilities that have incorporated Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) to manage data to flow from various software programs.

  • By having Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) in place, organizations can easily share information between departments and have a centralized data repository. It also facilitates automation of processes, increase in efficiency, and minimizing bottlenecks to provide a seamless user experience.

  • The users are also demanding advanced capabilities such as virtual agents to automate manual processes and low-code solutions to easily script workflow and build applications.

  • To accommodate buyers needs vendors in the market are enhancing their technical capabilities by providing customized dashboard option, proactive customer service, and workflow automation support. They are also enhancing maturity of AI/ML/NLP for providing automated and intelligent service management capabilities.



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According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ vendor landscape evaluation and analysis, the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) market is still evolving and will continue to provide more use cases and technical advancements for managing entire organization’s functions. The vendors are expanding the use of automation technologies such as AI/ML/RPA, which is expected to become more widespread for automating routine tasks, improving response times, and reducing errors.

Bringing ITSM and ESM together represents a strategic step towards holistic service management and holds immense potential for increasing efficiency and value across the enterprise. Quadrant Knowledge Solutions conducted a detailed analysis of each vendor's strengths, technical offering, strategic and technical roadmap, organizational potential, and weaknesses before including them in the SPARK matrix graphic. To do this, briefing interviews and RFI questionnaires were used to support the analysis with data from primary customers and end users.


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