Vote Now - Top 10 CX Experts to Follow in 2022

To be an influencer, all you need is an internet connection and iPhone these days. But beyond the motivational speakers, let's look at the real professionals with hands-on industry experience who have real insight to help you in 2022.

This year, we’re opening it up to readers to vote for those who they feel offer the best actionable help and insight to help deliver better customer experiences.

They should be people who have real experience in the industry, whether on the front lines as call center agents or managers or in an executive role such as Chief Customer Officer or Chief CX Officer.

  1. Jeff Toister - @toister
  2. Brad Cleveland- @bradcleveland
  3. Jeremy Watkin- @jtwatkin
  4. Shep Hyken - @hyken
  5. Leslie O’Flahavan -@LeslieO
  6. Kerry Bodine - @KerryBodine
  7. Flavio Martins - @flavmartins
  8. Nate Brown - @CustomerisFirst
  9. Bill Quiseng - @billquiseng
  10. Lynn Hunsaker - @ClearAction
  11. Adrian Swinscoe- @adrianswinscoe
  12. Justin Robbins- @justinmrobbins
  13. Susan Hash- @susanhash
  14. Mike Aoki- @mikeaoki
  15. Joseph Michelli - @josephmichelli
  16. Jay Baer - @jaybaer
  17. Harley Manning - @Hmanning
  18. Bruce Temkin - @btemkin
  19. Martin Hill-Wilson- @martinhw
  20. Debbie Szumylo- @DebbieSzumylo
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