How to Share the Value of Software Asset Management Reports

Need to explain the value of Software Asset Management to your key decision makers? Use SAM reports to present business insights in visual charts and graphs that are easy to understand. Now you can share your important analysis with managers and stakeholders no matter what their experience is — or isn’t.

Empower fast, informed SAM decisions

Our SAM reporting software analyzes important questions about your processes and performance. The reporting uses data from our USU License Management (formerly SmartTrack) software asset management platform, so you can view that data over time and from any angle. The SAM Intelligence dashboard has Key Performance Indicators built on our company’s best practices and almost 20 years of project experience. Each KPI is visualized in a chart or graph of your choice. It’s easy to change the options or drill into the details. You can optimize the SAM reporting dashboard for each team’s area of responsibility or a person’s specific role.

The SAM picture that’s worth 1,000 words

The SAM Intelligence dashboard shows its analysis in measurable, insightful SAM reports with easy-to-read charts and graphs. It’s an appealing, automatic way to give the right people the right information about license compliance and optimization.

Your team can identify how to make their processes more efficient, get a quick start to saving money, and avoid risk in managing software licenses. Even better, your Software Asset Management reports will help managers and the C-Suite to successfully plan the company’s future and invest in your processes, your team, and you.

Five great benefits of SAM Intelligence:

View historical SAM data

Answer any “over time” question about software licenses using easy to build Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Visually pleasing charts 

Show insights in compelling visuals like pie charts, bar chats, linear graphs, tree maps, and geomaps.

Build your own dashboard

See the KPIs that are relevant for your responsibilities and goals by choosing what displays in your dashboard.

Drag, drop and drill

Quickly design the charts and graphs with drag-and-drop options, or click to drill down into the details.

Easily share your reports

Once you’ve analyzed the question and designed the report, you can export the results as an XLS, CSV or PDF file.

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