3 reasons to use a Knowledge Base with Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce is the top CRM system today but in order to best serve your customer across all channels, your company’s internal knowledge has to be accurate, up-to-date and easy to find. Ensure all three with a knowledge base.

Salesforce is the number 1 platform for sales, marketing and customer service departments. Its leading customer relationship management software is still the foundation of their business despite the increasing number of additional products and apps. Working with Salesforce is an essential requirement for lots of companies which makes it even more important to maximize the platform’s potential.

The primarily goals of customer service are customer satisfaction and customer experience. Nowadays, this means serving customers via a variety of channels including mobile apps, web self-service, voice assistants or AI-based chatbots.

All of these channels are part of the Salesforce platform and either already in place or planned for the near future for all major companies. To be able to deliver the right content in all these channels, companies’ internal knowledge must be both up-to-date and high-quality.

If your customer service teams suffer from siloing and information stored in multiple places, providing consistent and accurate support across multiple channels can be a huge challenge. The risk of some agents using out-of-date or incorrect information is high along with a declining NPS. Implementing a knowledge base platform is the only sustainable solution that provides a permanent fix.

knowledge Center Salesforce                                         Using the USU Knowledge Management App in Salesforce

Making the Case to Management

So how do you make the case to your management that knowledge management isn’t just a priority, but a top priority? Here are three reasons to use Salesforce Lightning with a Knowledge Base:

1. Multi-Channel

The days of customer service by phone are over. Service must come to the customer, not the other way around. That means answering support queries via a website, mobile apps, social media and even voice assistants. But wherever your customers need support, they should always receive the same answers to the same problems. A knowledge management platform ensures that no matter which or how many channels you serve, your agents are always consistent.

2. Long term NPS improvement

A sustainable and consistent increase in your Net Promoter Score does not come from short-term campaigns or after-the-fact changes. A knowledge management platform is a long-term investment that will continue to bring returns long after deployment.  The holy grail of modern customer service is when customers can visit your website, walk in a store or chat with an agent and still get the same accurate answer in every channel. A knowledge management platform doesn’t just make this possible, it makes it inevitable.

3. Lay the foundation for future growth

Every company has a growth strategy. But with more growth, comes more customers and thus an increased need for customer service. By implementing a knowledge management platform today, your company can lay the foundation for long term growth instead of short-term spikes followed by a drop.

If you're a current Salesforce user, you can visit the AppExchange to see our USU Knowledge Management integration.

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